The 'HYBRID' Carry Trigger System ST Stock Travel

The 'HYBRID' Carry Trigger System ST Stock Travel combines and delivers the best of both Generations 3 & 4 in your 9mm / 40cal Glock Gen4 pistol. Using the Gen 3 trigger bar reduces weight and resistance making the HYBRID a remarkable improvement over your stock Gen4.

For Carry Use

All metal components are hand polished to a mirror finish.



  • Gen3 Smooth Trigger w/ Trigger Bar / OEM polished / Stock Travel 
  • Trigger Housing w/ Ejector / OEM polished
  • Minus Connector / OEM polished
  • Trigger Spring / OEM polished
  • Firing Pin spring / OEM polished
  • Firing pin safety spring / OEM polished
  • Firing Pin Safety / OEM polished
  • Spring cups / OEM


Our Price........$152.95


OEM Connector OPTION: If you would like this product with the standard connector, please request this OPTION in the 'Special Instructions' section

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The 'HYBRID' Carry Trigger System  ST  Stock Travel
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Price $152.95