The G43 Carry Trigger System ST Stock Travel

The "G43" Carry Trigger System ST Stock Travel maintains the same length of pre-travel as the stock pistol and is a great improvement over the stock trigger. The new GTX connector has a reduced shoulder angle and is electroless plate for a much smoother and lighter trigger than stock. Expect a nice wall, clean break, and positive reset. All spring weights are OEM for ignition reliability and to insure proper function.

For Carry Use

All metal components are hand polished to a mirror finish.


  • Grooved Trigger w/ Trigger Bar / with Stock Travel (ST) & polished                
  • Trigger Housing w/ Ejector and Trigger spring / OEM polished
  • GTX connector / Reduced angle w/ Electroless Nicklel Plate  
  • Trigger Spring / OEM polished 
  • Firing Pin Spring / OEM polished 
  • Firing Pin Safety w/ Spring / OEM polished
  • Spring Cups / OEM

     Our Price.........................$146.95


OEM connector option: If you would like the OEM standard connector instead of the GTX connector request 'standard connector' in the

'Special Instructions' section during checkout. We will make the requested change before shipping.


Please allow a few extra days before your order ships during the first 30 days of this offering. 

The G43 Carry Trigger System ST Stock Travel
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Price $146.95